Christmas Letter 2006

 Season’s Greetings,                                                                                                                  December 2006

                 Okay…I’m having a little difficulty finding time to write the annual Monteon Christmas letter.  I’m sure you gathered this after not receiving the 2005 edition.   Is it just me or does it feels like Christmas comes around faster every year?  Two years ago I experimented with a DVD that gave you an idea of the year that was for us.  I decided to forgo that concept, since we already have a website for your viewing pleasure (  Those of you who don’t have a computer and access to the internet, please feel free to join the rest of us in the 21st century.  You’ll understand…and won’t be offended when someone tells you to “Google it”.

                Where to start?  Let’s begin with the little man…Nicholas just turned six in December.  We celebrated his birthday with a bash at Chuck E Cheese.   He’ll gladly point out that it takes two hands to show you his age now.  The kid is a wiz in school (takes after me) and if we could just get him to socialize less (takes after mom) he’d be in great shape.  He is looking forward to losing his first tooth (none loose yet) and getting rid of that darn booster seat.  Nick loves to play sports, be it soccer, basketball or baseball.  He wants to play tackle football next year…We have some convincing to do with mom first.  When he’s not following his sister, he’s usually laying down tracks to race his Hot Wheels (thanks to Uncle Mark’s endless supply), fighting dinosaurs against the army men or driving his sister nutty.

                 Speaking of sister…Alexis, the big second grader, is doing wonderful.  This girl is not shy.  Tell her to show you her dance moves…and, well... get out of the way…cause the girl will “get down”.  She also loves to sing.  Unfortunately, she has Mom and Dad’s vocally challenged genes (but that doesn’t stop her).  Oh by the way… I could go the rest of my life never having to hear the sound track to “High School Musical” again.  Although the other day after dropping Alexis off at school, I noticed that I drove the whole way to work and listened to the entire cd (by myself).    She loves to brag how she can beat “a lot” of the boys at tether ball.  She is quite the competitive one.  Alexis loves to play sports too.  Her favorite is soccer.  This year was her first playing part-time “goal keeper”.   Takes a certain breed to stand there and have balls fired at you.  During her down time, you can find her carrying her art supply box and coloring pictures, playing with her Care Bears (No more please Auntie Diane!) or laughing it up with her brother…and then complaining that he won’t leave her alone.   

                 Cathy is continuing with her commitment with the Air Force Reserve.  She has 17 years of service.  We were proud to see her sew on another stripe (Master Sergeant) this year.   She just recently passed an extremely selective First Sergeant’s board.  For those of you who don’t know, the First Sergeant is responsible for the morale, welfare, and conduct of all the enlisted members in a squadron and is the chief advisor to the squadron commander concerning the enlisted force.  Now all she has to do is find a squadron with an open First Sergeant position.  As long as she doesn’t try and wield her new “power” at home, we’ll be okay.  In between her monthly commitment to the military, Cathy has accepted a teaching position at Nicholas’s school.  She will teach Science and P.E. for sixth/seventh/eighth graders.  The thought of Cathy, Bunsen burners and laboratory experiments…scares me.

                 As for me, I changed from working as a contractor to working for the Department of Defense as a Civil Service employee.  So at least you can sleep well at night now, knowing that your tax dollars are being well spent…paying my salary!  I spent most of the summer coaching my second year of soccer.  Alexis’s “Cheetah Girls” showed a vast improvement from last year.  It takes a ton of effort to keep ten 7 year old girls busy for an hour and a half of practice.  The payoff is watching them enjoy playing the game.

                 We didn’t get to do a lot of traveling this year.  Cathy and the kids spent three weeks in Ohio.  I couldn’t make the trip, having just started my new job.  We did have a blast visiting Sea World and Lego Land in San Diego. We find that most of the time we don’t need to travel far away to enjoy what life has to offer.  Cathy and I are blessed with good health, great family/friends and two kids who fill our hearts with joy, love and happiness that nothing can match.   As we close the chapter on another year, we want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! 

                                                                                                                Love…Jaime, Cathy, Alexis and Nicholas…